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Responding to your Inner Child

By April 23, 2020June 16th, 2020No Comments

I’ve established a connection with my Inner Child, what next?

Getting to know our inner child, building the trust relationship, is a fundamental part of the journey of healing within. Upon completion of an Inner Child Workshop, integrating the methods and practices takes patience and persistence. The mindset and attitude we have towards our inner child is felt directly by them and with all the will in the world we cannot ‘wish’ our child whole again. Learning the patience of healing through the eyes of our child, witnessing them, holding space for them, going at their pace, is a life practice.

During the developing stage of the trust relationship and bonding our child will communicate many things to us; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. The healing journey takes place on all of these planes. With the intellectual mind we may grasp concepts and understand what is needed for us to heal, receive insights, or have an inkling, however, the reminder that to integrate healing on all aspects of our being is free from restrictions, expectations, time frames and plans by our adult self and mind.

The Inner Child wants to communicate…

The archetype of the Inner Child can be approached, invoked, and responded to according to what is needed for them, at the time. Sometimes our child will communicate verbally, directly and tell us what they need. Other times, they may not. There may be an underlying feeling that we cannot grasp, that is being kept out of reach from our conscious analytical minds. This is OK! We are learning new ways of being with ourselves and how to heal ourselves. Part of our adult self, from learned behaviour, seeks control, understanding, remedies and solutions. This can be associated with our left brain; practical and ‘doing mode’. Our inner child does not match that aspect of us and being sensitive to the child essence within, we can honour and nurture the child, as inevitably different parts of us surface, that are ready to be integrated.

Realising the appropriate response

Working with my inner child I am reminded of Tao; simplicity, back to basics. Listening to our body, intuition and what the child is communicating is the first step to responding to them. Understanding that sometimes our child wants to express emotions without having a reason, without us asking questions to find out where this came from, why this came up, or what the cause or rationale is. Sometimes our child just needs to cry; and we let them. We hold them, allow them to cry until the energy is released and it passes. Sometimes they may just want to be held and hugged; so we hug them.

Acceptance, on all levels and layers of ourselves is how we are guided each time something comes up from our inner child that enables us to move through the process and embody our inner light. It is perhaps the most challenging aspect to integrate as the roots of conditioning and beliefs that do not uphold true self acceptance are long held and firm.

Asking our inner child to draw us a picture, write us a message, asking them for a dream, or to talk to our guides, communicate through animal totems or symbols, are ways we can invite communication, passively, offering safety and trust. Being open and aware of a response following any request to our child is the patient parent’s role. Our child will respond in their own time, according to their needs and when they feel safe. Remembering that time does not exist on the path to wholeness, we remain receptive, open, loving and compassionate to ourselves.


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