Next Group Online Workshop

June 12th, 13th and 14th 2020

The first session is between 6:30-9:00pm GMT, the second and third are at 3:00-5:00pm GMT

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Inner Child Workshop Signup

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What happens after signup?

The Willkamayu Spirit Team is offering a Group Inner Child Workshop Online during these three days at an investment of US $50 per participant. The group size will be small and there are limited spaces.

Each participant will receive a personal one-to-one follow up integration session after the workshop has been completed. This will be arranged between each participant and the facilitator.

Payments made via PayPal or bitcoin.
Once confirming your space, you will receive a link to an online portal area, where the Inner Child Workshop Booklet will be available to view, along with other materials which you will use and be guided by during the workshop. There is also an area for you to upload documents, make notes and post questions.

How is the Group Workshop structured?

The group online workshop will run over three consecutive days, the first day a 2.5 hour session and the following two days are 2 hours each. The workshop is conducted over Zoom, with options of video and/or audio only, as per personal preference. The facilitator will present via video and an email with joining instructions will be provided.

The workshop consists of approximately 6.5 hours of explanation with written exercises and guided meditations which include rebirthing, imaginal and regressions, all held within a safe space. The workshop is tailored to meet each participants’ circumstances and needs, paced accordingly, with time for sharing and reflecting stories and experiences.

In the first session an introduction to the content of the workshop and the concept of the Inner Child and Inner Child work, the basic needs of our Inner-Child will be given. Following this, the first of three separate child developmental stages is presented, the infant (birth to 18 months) where we first meet our Inner-Child.

In the second session we move on to the second stage, the toddler (18 months to 3 years of age).
The third session covers the third child developmental stage, the pre-schooler (3 to 7 / 8 years of age) and finish with a review of what has been covered and the fundamental steps for continuing the Inner-Child work.

What is the Inner Child?

Inner Child work is a tangible and adaptive therapy technique that can be explained quite simply and continually developed by oneself following completion of the workshop.

Often we carry wounds and trauma from birth and childhood with us into adulthood and these wounds play out in habit patterns, behaviours, beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve us, trapping us in repeated loops and life lessons that we continually deny ourselves the ability to be free from. Our Inner Child is intuition, creativity, spontaneity, play, loving acceptance of ourselves and all beings; our pure essence within.

Re-establishing a connection with our inner child takes time, dedication, patience and this workshop provides the tools to be able to make contact with your inner child, initiate a relationship with them and learn the re-parenting techniques to be able to nurture and build a trust relationship, cultivating a life practice in self healing.

Inner child work is a powerful integration tool which compliments plants diets, work with the Master Plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Wachuma) Cactus; it is universal, compatible with all daily practices, enhancing healing potential without restriction or limitation. Participants from our workshops have mentioned additional insights from their current practices, expansive life improvements and profound healing towards wholeness.

Feedback from our Inner Children

A Testimonial Story

My background experience

Before doing the workshop I had read a couple books and found some information online that gave me a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and objectives of inner child work. I understood that there are sub personalities within myself that have their own emotional needs and expectations. The inner child being one of them can be further broken down into different aspects such as the wounded, emotional, angry child. There are also parts of ourselves that get stuck in their development due to emotional trauma. This information gave me a basic framework for exploring and beginning to communicate with these parts of myself. Most of the work I did was emotional release and understanding their needs and wounds.

Intentions and goals

I came to this workshop because I felt I was missing something in my process as there was so much releasing but little resolution.

New tools

The workshop definitely helped a great deal as it gave me more tools to effectively communicate to my inner child as well understand how I can more deeply interact with him and fulfill his emotional needs, which lead to major resolutions for these conflicted parts of myself and a greater sense of peace and calm that came as a direct result. I’m finding myself being less triggered in previously challenging situations. When triggers do cause an emotional response I’m finding it much easier to recognize the part of me that’s challenged and just be with it allowing it to be heard and felt which then dissipates the charge.

Overall experience

The experience was great for me. Amy has a calm and gentleness that radiates clearly and an understanding that shows she’s walking the path herself. I enjoyed our meetings so much and after the first, I was very much looking forward to the next ones. There was much insight, release, resolution, and growth within the sessions. There’s also been much after from continuing with the techniques. It definitely gave me a major missing piece to the puzzle that allowed me to take my own practice further.

Nathaniel, Vancouver Island

Dutch and Spanish workshops

We also offer workshops (personal and group) in both Dutch and Spanish, please let us know if you would like to attend a workshop in either of these languages.