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A place to re-connect with your inner nature.

Willkamayu Spirit offers personalized & intimate Ayahuasca and Wachuma (San Pedro) retreats in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Both Ayahuasca and Wachuma, linked with inner child tools, prepare you and integrate the teachings of your retreat.

Our intention with Willkamayu Spirit is to connect, heal and to raise consciousness, to deepen the connection to ourselves, others and nature. Merging inner and outer landscapes to replant your spirit and the spirit of humanity. Willkamayu Spirit is a project that works with Andean and Amazonian entheogenic plants: Ayahuasca, Chakruna, Wachuma (San Pedro). The plants are able to heal you energetically, mentally, physically and emotionally. We ensure that preparation, ceremony and the following integration is considered as mutually important and give you the guidance and support to make the most of respectful and authentic connection to these sacred medicines.

We’d be delighted for you to join us for your Ayahuasca Ceremony or San Pedro Ceremony at a beautiful retreat space in the Sacred Valley of the Inca, near to Cusco.
A retreat shared in the Mountains, away from noise and pollution, ideal for you to reconnect to spirit and manage your process in natural surroundings. Please find links to our Confidentiality Statement and our Medical & Safety Commitment.

We are super excited for our journey to the Netherlands and to share Wachuma ceremonies over there! Please contact us for more info! ✨

Wachuma Ceremonies with a Peruvian Maestro:

Connect deeply with Grandfather Wachuma (San Pedro) and your inner nature.

Do you feel the calling or want to know more? Send us a message. We would be happy to schedule a call! Love, Jhon and Janneke, @willkamayuspirit

Who are we? Willkamayu Spirit & Space Holders

Normally, Janneke, who is from the Netherlands, and her Peruvian husband Jhon live in the Andean Mountains, where they have a retreat centre. This summer, they are coming to the Netherlands together for the first time with one of their wise plant medicines: the cactus Wachuma (also known as San Pedro). You get the chance to be at one of their ceremonies. An opportunity to immerse yourself and connect deeply with yourself, others and nature. In addition to Janneke and Jhon, various space holders will also be present during the ceremonies to support the process.


12-13 August
25-26 August
9-10 September
16-17 September

For more info:
(The information is in Dutch, however, English speakers can contact us too 😊❤️)

This retreat is for you if you:

– have questions about who you are deep inside of yourself
– have questions about the profound patterns inside of yourself
– want to heal your family lineage
– want to connect with your inner nature and the nature around you
– your heart wants to open even more and you want to strengthen your resilience
– want to grow in consciousness and develop yourself
– need a cleansing, a ‘reset’
– want to connect with traditional rituals and wisdom

Authentic and intimate ceremony with a maximum of 8 participants, with attention given to preparation and integration.



Ayahuasca spirit If you have the calling to communion with Grandmother Ayahuasca, and would like to participate in our Ayahuasca Ceremony, you are welcome to join us.



Wachuma spirit Feel the connection with the cactus Wachuma (San Pedro) in the immense nature of the Sacred Valley.

Willkamayu Spirit

The single most positive, life-changing event of my entire life.

From the bottom of my heart visiting Jhon and Jenneke was the best decision of my entire life. I had been in therapy off and on since I was a child and was mostly treading water, stuck, and having a difficult time in my day to day affairs. After a single ceremony with San Pedro’s followed by a single ceremony with Ayahusca my heart is totally open. I am most grateful to these people for facilitating this transmutation inside their home, and under their care. I am being totally honest when I say that this was the single most positive, life-changing event of my entire life. Since the ceremonies I have been more lucid than ever before. I now see what I truly want, what I truly need, and what I myself truly find important. I don’t blame myself for things that aren’t my fault, and see clearly things that I can change for a better life. There aren’t many words in the English language that adequately describe what these people did for me, but I am most grateful. If I had one word to describe the experience it would be “profound”. These people are literal angels. The maestro was incredible. There is healing to be found with them, beyond what you can imagine.


Life Changing Experience.

I stayed at Janneke’s and Jhon’s place for three weeks as a volunteer. It was very beneficial to have a longer and proper preparation at their place before the ceremonies. Like doing my meditation and yoga practice on the big balcony, walking in nature (together), the lovely talks with Janneke, writing, focusing on my intentions and eating healthy food. The ceremonies felt safe and personal. They explained clearly what to expect. We were only with 3 or 4 participants, which made me feel like they were really there for us! Seeing each individual! And most importantly they truly honor the spiritual and ancient origin to work with the plants. The shaman was a calm, modest and professional guide. He was there when he needed to be but he also gave trust and confidence to follow my own journey. Janneke and Jhon are lovely and empathic people, who really want to help, wherever they can, to give insides and make you grow. Their home felt like mine and their animals are just amazing! I would definitely recommend to visit Janneke and Jhon’s home to experience ceremonies in an intimate and personal way. And if you have the time, stay as well as a volunteer to prepare yourself and to integrate/ground after the ceremonies!

Janneke and Jhon, thank you so much! I will never ever forget everything I experienced with you! It was life changing! Lots of love, Fleur!



Whtasapp Jhon: +51984117755

Whatsapp Janneke: +51972665922

Sacred Valley Peru​

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