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Our intention with San Pedro, Wachuma ceremony is to connect. To heal and share consciousness, merging internal and external landscapes in order to replant your Spirit and the Spirit of humanity.

Our San Pedro, Wachuma ceremonies take us out into the open countryside, cradled by the surrounding mountains (Apus) that hold so much significance in traditional Andean ceremonies and culture. Taking a short walk in silence along winding paths, our beautiful river.  Through Inca ruins to special spaces overlooking the epic landscape of the Sacred Valley.

We share regular ceremonies, at least once a week, with Wachuma, depending on our guests requirements and duration of stay. At Willkamayu Spirit we host ceremonies when they are felt and required. Guided by the cycle of the moon, we always stay open and flexible to our guests needs at a given time.

Within our sacred space you will receive one to one attention on your healing process. From an initial consultation on your health and intentions, teachings about the sacred plants, to a personal chat with your Maestro / Maestra.

Within ceremony we take the greatest care to listen and nurture you through the healing process ensuring that you are well supported. We share moments of movement and moments of stillness, moments of laughter and then of silence, all very organically and in a non obtrusive way. We are here to support your internal experience. To help you to release and cleanse if you need to, and to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the experience

If we have musicians present then we may share some music, as well as a special offering of gratitude to Pachamama and the Mountains, closing the ceremony at around 6pm.

Following the ceremony we share our experiences as a group. The effects of San Pedro remain into the evening so we do our best to settle down and relax, staying present with our intention so that San Pedro can work with us in our dreams.

Please read our preparation for the ceremony, our integration summary and if necessary our Confidentiality Statement and our Medical & Safety Commitment.

What you can expect from a San Pedro / Wachuma ceremony?

  • You will connect with the Spirit of San Pedro, he will heal and teach you what you need this moment
  • Experience and learn how to connect with the Sacred space we are sharing
  • A personal connection and interaction with humble Maestros  and Spiritual guides who work with their heart
  • A ceremony of gratitude to Wachuma, Mother Earth, Pachamama, the Apus (Mountain Spirits) and the Spirit of Wachuma
  • An intimate and personal environment


We ask for a fixed gift for our activities, to cover our costs and to build a sustainable project and community.

1 day Wachuma Retreat Ceremony

1 ceremony, 1 night accommodation, (diet) food included




Preparation for Wachuma

Preparing for a Wachuma Ceremony

There are many aspects to consider when preparing for a ceremony with Grandfather Wachuma, here are a few important points to guide you in the days running up to your ceremony.

On this page we will give information on how to prepare yourself for a ceremonial day with Grandfather Wachuma, San Pedro.


Intention is key when working with Wachuma, it’s a useful way to navigate the experience, always returning to a guiding path that can lead you to the answers you are seeking. In preparation for the ceremony we suggest you meditate on your intentions, take time for yourself to deeply connect and reflect.

For your preparation we provide a nurturing family home for you to stay with a comfortable bed and healthy local food. We are surrounded by beautiful, quiet and energetic spaces, where you can connect with yourself, the Mountains, Mother Earth and Pachamama and really get in tune with what your intentions.

Further days of preparation are available to help you connect with the surroundings and get the most from your retreat. Contact us to book a longer stay.

What to bring for ceremonial day with Wachuma?

It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and clothes and bring different layers with you. In a day we can have sun, clouds and rain here in Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

We encourage you to bring a small personal object, something which has a special value or meaning for you. We can place these items on the mesa during the ceremony.

If you have a musical instrument, or a song to share please bring it into the ceremony. Music is an important element for the ceremony, so if you have an instrument or a song to share, please bring it.

We ask you to bring something edible to share with each other, for example fruits, nuts, water or bread. You can also bring something to offer during the Pachamama ceremony.


Three days before the retreat we really try to be more focused on what we consume; no alcohol and coffee, no meat, less sugar…is recommended to get the most out of your experience with Grandfather San Pedro.
The day before the ceremony, try to eat only vegetables and fruits (no citrus) and not to eat after 8 pm.
On the day of the ceremony we will fast, so we will eat nothing in the morning.

During the day of the ceremony will be spent fasting. We will discuss your dietary needs to determine the best form of fasting for you that day.

Medication and Supplements

Guests are not allowed to take any sort of medication, vitamin or supplement during their preparation process and while at the retreat center, if you foresee a challenge with this requirement we have a medical authority that can give advice and support for you if you have questions about coming off prescription medication.

Sexual intercourse

In preparation for a Wachuma ceremony it is important to focus on yourself and your own energy. We advise you to not have sexual intercourse one day before the ceremony and during your retreat.

Lose your expectations

Grandfather San Pedro will always give us what we need, it goes beyond the mind, and what we think we want. It’s important not to have expectations and let the healing Grandfather do his work.

Wachuma has powerful healing benefits, but we should be aware that she is not a wonder that cures everything after one ceremony. He works with different people in different ways, sometimes in a stage by stage, digging and releasing deeper and deeper each time.

It is important to have respect and be open and humble to what he wants to show you, often it can be nothing to do with the web of intentions your mind drew up in preparation. Be open, surrender and accept what she wants to teach or heal.

​Clean your mind!

During your retreat and your connection with Wachuma it is important to be conscious of your mindset. In preparation we try to nurture such qualities as: Respect, Humbleness, Courage, Trust, Positivity, Honesty to yourself, others, and the medicine.


We encourage open and honest communication at Willkamayu, it is an important part of the healing process. Authenticity is of high value for us. We also enjoy quiet times of meditation and an hour of silence each morning. We encourage you not to use your electronic devices during the retreat, this out of respect for your cohabitants, but also as a way of removing distraction from the task of healing and connecting with the plants, this is after all why you are coming to stay with us.

Connect to your local nature

It will be of great benefit before your ceremony to find and go into your personal space, and to explore nature around where you are located. Long walks through mountains, along rivers or even sitting in a local park with the trees and flowers will bring you closer to preparation for the ceremony.

We also recommend to raise your internal dialog to give acceptance and gratitude to those around you, family members and any entities that come into your attention, including ancestors and Mother Ayahuasca herself. If your intentions are focused towards self-love and trust, then we ask you to concentrate on those blockages that you feel are contributing to the resistance in these spaces. Forgiveness and acceptance are key in these areas.

Integration for Wachuma

After the ceremony with Wachuma

It is advisable to take it slow on the days after the ceremony. You are still open and sensitive, you may feel yourself physically or emotionally weak as things surface for healing. Don’t be alarmed, it is all a natural part of the healing process, integration. Take your time and care for yourself, remain with your intention. You might enjoy writing or creative endeavours, these can be an important way of processing the experience.

Grandfather Wachuma is willing to teach you, and heal parts of you, but it is up to you to be proactive about what you are going to do with these messages after a ceremony. To integrate his messages, you must be committed to implementing his teachings on a daily basis. Regularly revisiting the experience and your intentions can lead to further uncovering in the days and weeks after the retreat. Learning and growing is a life time journey.

We are here to listen and, where we can, provide advice. We are here to facilitate your healing and we remain available via email if you have any questions or want to share your process following the retreat.

Like you, our work continues long after the ceremony, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


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