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Additional Treatments

We recommend some additional treatments if you feel like receiving extra support or to go deeper in your process while you’re at the retreat house. The following are offered by maestros/maestras in our local community, whose healing treatments we have first hand experience of and can recommend for their commitment to the authentic and respectful practices that we uphold.

Each of these treatments can be added to your program and we can discuss this on initial contact, depending on your personal requirements.

Below we outline each of the treatments, duration and cost. If you have any queries, we ask that you begin a dialogue with us using the contact form.

Inner Child

Janneke and Paola offer a profound, caring, playful and insightful Inner Child workshop which can be added to the program of your retreat. Please arrange this with us during the booking process.

The core of most of our wounds is in our childhood, so connecting with this workshop during your retreat can give you profound support and provide beautiful tools in your process. The workshop complements the ceremonies beautifully and can help you to integrate the information that you receive from Ayahuasca Spirit and Wachuma Spirit into your daily life.

Thank you for this incredible life journey. It’s a journey that needs guidance and protection, and Janneke, Jhon, Wayra and everyone else provided exactly that. Crucial for me personally was the Inner Child workshops as it helped me to integrate the new knowledge and wisdom into my own being.

For more information about Inner Child, see our pages about the onsite and online workshops.

Reiki, 1 hour sessions

Janneke and Paola also offer 1 hour Reiki sessions during your retreat on request. Sessions can be added during booking or onsite while you’re at the retreat house. Reiki is a fundamental life force energy and connecting to it, or expanding your awareness of it, will enhance how you interact and flow with the energies and moments of your life. If you feel the call to receive a Reiki session before or after your ceremony, the energies that open may also support you in your process during your retreat. If you have questions, please contact us! The price is based on donation, with a minimum of $77.

For more information about Reiki and to learn how to connect with this energy yourself, we also offer onsite and online courses with initiations to the Reiki energies.

The Códigos (The Codes)

When Soucin is in the Sacred Valley, she accompanies participants during their ceremonies, working alongside the maestros. It was during one of these ceremonies that she received a beautiful gift into the world from Mother Ayahuasca.

She received the Códigos, which have become an important part of her life’s work. The 4 Códigos (4 Codes) are a healing, a cleansing, with 4 steps to help women heal deeply from sexual trauma and violence (

Between June-September this year, Willkamayu Spirit will hold some retreats especially for women. We want to share deep healing from violence, sexual violence and abuse, combining the sacred wisdom of the Teacher Plants and the subtle but powerful energetic healing of the Códigos. Follow our Instagram page (@willkamayuspirit), where we will be announcing the dates.

The Códigos will always be available online for free. Mother Ayahuasca was wise enough to know that this information needs to exist at this point in time, information you can use to heal yourself. However, if you need someone to accompany you on this journey, you can contact Soucin here.


As well as providing delicious food and kind care and attention at our retreat house El Paraíso, owner Roxana offers massages which can be booked during your retreat, beforehand as well as onsite. Massage can help you enter a deep state of relaxation and is another way to help the energies flow before your ceremony and to support you in your process of integration.