Reiki 1 & 2 courses

Usui Natural Healing method

Here at Willkamayu Spirit we are also offering Reiki courses; Reiki 1 & Reiki 2.

Why we are offering Reiki courses?

Because we think that Reiki is a beautiful basic method in learning to work with energy, it will give us a foundation to go deeper into the world of energies regarding healing… for ourselves, our brothers and sisters and people in our environment. We think it is a wonderful tool which can help us with the integration process, to ground and to balance ourselves… to continuing doing our inner and outer work… to connect with our inner maestro(a).

Many people ask when they first hear the word “Reiki”, “What is that?”

It is perhaps easier in answering this question to first state what Reiki is not. It is NOT a religion, nor is it associated with any religion, sect or cult, and it is not based on creeds or beliefs contradictory to the Universal Laws of Love and Light. Reiki embraces all philosophies and systems of thought. Reiki is an alternative name for the Usui Method of Natural Healing. It is a Japanese word of two syllables, which mean: REI pronounced “ray” = Universal Spirit or essence, and KI pronounced “key” = Life Energy, Light or Chi (as in Tai Chi) Therefore, Reiki (“ray-key”) means Universal Spirit of Life, or Universal Life Energy — the energy of life that is all around us and continually flowing through us. This energy is the difference between a piece of wood and a tree; both are made of the same basic components (cellulose) but one is dead (no life energy) and the other is alive (plenty of life energy), •The flow of Life Energy through us is what keeps us alive. Yet this flow is uneven for many. The stresses and tensions of daily living, and our thought pattern, combine to create blocks and imbalances to the flow. These blocks are reflected in the body and can manifest as malfunctions or disease. The discipline of Reiki has to do with the use of Universal Life Energy in a healing capacity. People trained in Reiki can access the supply of Life Energy and channel it through their bodies to themselves and to the receiver.

Reiki accelerates the body’s ability to heal physical and mental ailments and assists you to correct imbalances of mind and spirit which lead to disease. It opens you to the pleasure of taking responsibility for your own life and to receive the joy of relaxed and balanced wellness when this is done.

When someone is treated with Reiki, they are brought back into a state of unity with the harmony of the universe. This harmony which is able to reach them in their smallest of cells, makes them whole and healthy again, thus encouraging the natural ability of the patient to heal themselves.

From: Reiki course book 1

Who will be giving the course?

Janneke will share the Reiki courses at Willkamayu Spirit, as she is a qualified Reiki Teacher.
She is very grateful that Reiki came into her life, using it in her daily spiritual practice; to ground, to cleanse, to balance and to recharge. She is also using it during ceremonies and to cleanse the rooms energetically. She loves to share these courses and to initiate you because Reiki has given her so much.

Additional Details

When you sign up for the Reiki courses you will receive after completion a Reiki certificate and a Reiki manual.

Reiki 1

Usui natural healing method (a full day, from 10 till 5)
You will learn:
*what Reiki is
*the basic principles of Reiki
*the ethics of giving Reiki
*the hand positions
*you will receive the Reiki 1 initiation
*you will give a reiki session
Costs: 250 soles

Reiki 2

Usui natural healing method(a full day, from 10 till 5)
You will learn:
*3 Master symbols
*5 symbols
*how to clean a space energetically
*how to perform distance healing
*you will receive the Reiki 2 initiation
*we will practice with distance healing and/or cleansing a room energetically
Costs: 250 soles

If you are interested please let us know so we can have a look at how we can integrate this in your retreat program.


Whtasapp Jhon: +51984117755

Whatsapp Janneke: +51972665922

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