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Willkamayu Spirit Ceremonies

Andean and Amazonian ceremonies

Willkamayu Spirit is a project that works with Andean and Amazonian entheogenic plants and medicinal ceremonies: Ayahuasca, Chakruna, Wachuma (San Pedro).

Ceremonial Master Plants

The master plants we use in our medicinal ceremonies are often described by our participants as able to heal energetically, mentally, physically and emotionally. Peer-reviewed research has shown effective healing in cases with addiction, depression, anxiety, and many other ailments.

We provide you the opportunity to have a ceremony experience in our family home, in an intimate, peaceful and nurturing environment. As well as in the beautiful surrounding nature of the Sacred Valley. For us safety and authenticity are of highest value, this is why we provide personal and intimate retreats with no more than 4/5 persons with much attention given to preparation and integration.

Our Teacher Plant retreats are led by experienced maestros, who themselves work in service of the Teacher Plants. Our maestros (shamans) work humbly in their traditional methods, which we honor and support. It is our work to make sure that our retreats are well organized and founded on a mutual respect for all those involved. Spiritual guides will support you during your retreat with preparation, conversation and integration after the ceremony. We provide 3 healthy meals a day for our guests on rest days, a good breakfast only for those with evening Ayahuasca Ceremonies and fruits/bread and afternoon soup for those participants who have chosen a wachuma ceremony.

It is important for us to provide our ceremonies on a flexible basis, depending on our guest’s requirements. So, if you need to make changes to your program during your duration here, we discuss and work together to ensure you receive what you need.


Ayahuasca spirit If you have the calling to communion with Grandmother Ayahuasca, you can join a retreat in our family home.

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Wachuma spirit Feel the connection with the cactus Wachuma (San Pedro) in the immense nature of the Sacred Valley.

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