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Shamans of Peru

Maestro Kamaski

Maestro Kamaski, a Pachamama Servant, is an ICHHURI (Andean therapist) who comes from a traditional family of healers in Huasao, Cusco. Kamaski means a being created to serve. Learning to heal himself, Maestro Kamaski learned to heal others, thanks to plant medicine.
The town of Huasao is a place of qheswas healers. He is a yachaq (sage) of the Inkan culture and he heals and cures within the Inkan healing tradition, where he works with the following three levels of being: ukhupacha, kaypacha and hanaqpacha. Ukhupacha works on our internal state: emotions and sentiments of the subconscious. Kaypacha works with our bodies: foods and the four elements (earth, air, fire and water). Hanaqpacha works with our spiritual self: the connection with the Apus (sacred mountains), Pachamama (Mother Earth), the connection with the Cosmic Mother and with the ancestral spirits (Illa teqse wiraqocha).

Maestro Wayra

In the heart of the Peruvian Andes, Wayra Eloy Quispe Ccorahua stands as a beacon, illuminating ancient tales, paths and teachings. An Andean Inca master, he is a keeper of old wisdom, passed down from Inca healers. He is supported by Earth’s love, Pachamama and the spirit of the mountains, the Apus, as well as all of the sacred medicines.

Maestra Paola

For as long as Paola can remember, she has felt admiration and love for Nature. Her first ceremony with Grandfather Wachuma came with a strong call to deepen the connection, and through synchronicities and messages that arrived in different ways, her capacity as a Wachumera was manifested in the space of her brothers and sisters at Willkamayu Spirit. She holds ceremonies rooted in care, and the importance of taking care of these spaces and the participants on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level; in other words, to allow the encounter between the person and the Master Plant to happen in the most natural and pure way possible.

Willkamayu Maestro

Maestro Juan Carlos

Maestro Juan Carlos Quispe Flores, whose spiritual name is INUMBARI (Solar Jaguar), was born in 1984 in the Shipibo nation of Peru. Maestro Juan Carlos was just 8 years old when he first drank Ayahuasca. From that day, he started to walk the spiritual path, guided by his grandfather, Rankon Metsa, who inherited sacred knowledge of medicinal plants and was a great elder and maestro (shaman) for the Shipibo nation. At the tender age of 15, he had already been recognised as a maestro (shaman) to guide Ayahuasca ceremonies. Now with a profound love and humbleness, he shares the knowledge about the ancestral medicine Ayahuasca.

Maestro Eberardo

Maestro Eberardo is the father of Maestro Juan Carlos Quispe Flores. His spiritual name is METSA YOI, or divine messenger. Eberardo has been practicing the spiritual path since the age of 20. His spiritual teachers were his mother-in-law and father-in-law, and today he shares these teachings with an open heart. At 59 years of age, he has had the experience of the sacred Ayahuasca ceremony for 39 years. It is our honour to receive this maestro and to share his teachings with our participants.


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