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Meet our Maestros, Shamans of Peru

Willkamayu Maestro

Maestro Juan Carlos Quispe

My spiritual name is Inon Bari. I am from the Shipibo nation, we have our own language and culture.​

I was born in 1984 in a town called: Jepe Ian or Yarina Qocha, located by the north east of Peru, in Ucayali region.​

Being just 6 years old when I first drank the Ayahuasca medicine, from that day I started to walk the spiritual path guided by my grand father: Rankon Metsa, who inherited sacred knowledge of medicinal plants. He was a great elder and maestro (shaman) for the Shipibo nation.

When I was 15 years old I was recognised as a maestro (shaman) to guide Ayahuasca ceremonies. Now with a profound love and humbleness I share the knowledge about the ancestral medicine Ayahuasca.

Maestro Eberardo

Eberardo is the father of Maestro Juan Carlos Quispe, his spiritual name is METSA YOI or divine messenger. Eberardo has been practicing along the spiritual path since the age of 20. His spiritual teachers were his mother-in-law and father-in-law and today he shares these teachings, with open heart. With 59 years of age he has been in the experience of sacred Ayahuasca ceremony for 39 years. It is our honour to receive this maestro and to share his teachings with our participants during March 2020.


I’m Ichuri; a psychologist and psychiatrist. Ichuri comes from my Inkan ancestors. Kamaski means a being created to serve. Learning to heal myself, I learned to heal; thanks to the sacred medicine ayawasca. I live in the community of Huasao, in Cusco. My Mother was a healer and the town of Huasao is a place of qheswas healers. I am a yachaq (sage) of our Inkan culture and I heal and cure within the Inka healing tradition. I work with the following three levels of our being: uhunpacha, kaypacha and hanaqpacha. Uhunpacha works on our internal state; emotions and sentiments of the subconscious. Kaypacha works with our bodies; foods and the four elements (earth, air, fire and water). Hanaqpacha works with our spiritual self; the connexion with the Apus (sacred mountains), Pachamama (Mother Earth), the connection with the Cosmic Mother and with the ancestral spirits (Illa teqse wiraqocha).

Willkamayu Maestro

Maestro Jaimie

Hi my name is Jaime Flores Dias and I’m 48, from Pucallpa, originally from shipibo culture. As a maestro of the ayawaska medicine, I have learned from my ancestors and directly from my father who taught me to be a good maestro (shaman), able to guide and support many people in ayahuasca ceremonies, with the “icaro” (chantings) songs for healing: traumatic experiences, fears, accidents, and icaro songs for protection, spiritual cleansing and love songs. It’s an honor for me to open my cultural knowledge about the medicinal plants of the Amazon forests.

​With our shamans, our maestros we work like a family here in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Humbleness and love are our values.



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