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Sacred Medicine Testimonials

Some positive words from the brothers and sisters who have come to stay and have taken part in ceremonies with us at Willkamayu Spirit.

Willkamayu Spirit Stephanie

“All I felt was love”


I’ve been travelling for almost a year and when I began my travels in Peru a friend introduced me to the medicine world. We shared Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies in another location in Peru, and it was super hard for me to connect with the medicine, especially the Ayahuasca. I couldn’t ignore the calling for ayahuasca and was in the sacred valley with very positive and light energies when a friend recommended Willkamayu Spirit and Janneke and the team. I had my third ayahuasca ceremony with an amazing shaman here and she helped me to connect to the medicine and it was so powerful, it’s really, really special here and she guided me through the whole night and I felt super safe.

The Experience

The connection with ayahuasca felt really intense, and at first I couldn’t open my heart, I was laying there and I was waiting until the medicine (connection) came. The shaman also felt my apprehension and came over. She held my hand and felt a blockage in my heart. She placed her hands on my heart and told me she loved me and asked me to repeat some words about loving myself, and then her icaro ‘shaman’ song also changed vibration and I began to lose myself totally, everything felt incredible, it didn’t feel like my body anymore and was so light, all I felt was love.

What I learnt

So the whole ceremony gave me an amazing connection with myself, I learnt to love myself and other people, and everything was just about love, I feel so happy that there is no sadness and when I leave here tomorrow, I have a feeling that this feeling will be with me forever, nobody can take this love now.


After the ayahuasca, we had a nice breakfast and sat in the beautiful garden with the team, we share our experience with the shaman and the rest of the group, what you felt, what you experienced and the messages that you received during the process. The shaman gave me assurance that the place is ours to come back to when we want, and that the connection is always there when you need it. It’s definitely a beautiful place with beautiful people. The Willkamayu Spirit team here is amazing, they take really good care of you, we had really amazing good food, whatever you need. They are here all the time to share with you.

“Thank you so much for your presence and support, honesty, guidance, a safe space”

Erika & Leo

The Experience at Willkamayu Spirit

We’ve been longing for finding a place where you don’t just go to a ceremony and then you’re off on your way, but where you have the opportunity to stay for a while and really feel the environment, the landscapes and to give yourself the space and having people around you who are open, to feel free to ask questions. Who themselves are so open to their spirits you can’t personally deny the connection anymore. That’s one thing we thought about a lot.  Through being in a place where everybody’s open you receive help in integration in the sense of confirmation, a constant confirmation of your own experiences and thoughts, the realisations you get, the lessons you learn, you can have a mirror. This helps you to grow, so I truly believe in staying in a place for a while and allowing the space to come to you too, it’s very beautiful. In between the ceremonies, when it’s just a regular rest day, to just know you can always go to Wayne or Amy or Janneke or Jhon and ask questions, just describe how you feel, how the process is going, your struggles and challenges, you just know that they will listen and confirm and guide. And for me that’s been very helpful, to work with these people who have a lot of knowledge and experience with the medicines.

What I learnt

I think the most amazing realisation that I’ve been given is that you don’t have to search all over the world for the answers. It’s cliche, but it’s right here, it’s right in your body and you can always connect with your energetic self. It takes training, but not that much training because it’s there, it’s there all the time. The training is for you to get over your conditioning and preferences and search within yourself. I just read a quote that “pain is not in the change, the pain is in the resistance of the change” yes, exactly. You don’t go to one ceremony to get all the realisations, it comes with the integration afterwards and to stay here for a couple of days, ground yourself and allow the messages to keep on coming, that’s something that I’m going to take home, because the same there, ayahuasca is a tool, but everything you need is here all the time.


We would like to thank and to recommend the Willkamayu Spirit team. We’d like to say thank you so much for your presence and your support, your honesty your guidance, a safe space. And for us to be able to come here and feel very much at home and having our own space to develop as a person. Also to the maestros. We had a beautiful Wachuma ceremony with Jhon, we felt so safe with him. Also with Margarita in the ayahuasca ceremonies. I’ve previously joined other groups for ayahuasca in Brazil, which is nice in its own way, but this has been so much more personal. Margarita has such a present energy and she really feels the vibes in the room. It’s so powerful when she sits down in the beginning and you share your intention and she makes really sure that you know she’s going to be there for you the whole time. I was really nervous before both ceremonies, but just having the conversation with Margarita and with Amy and Wayne sitting there, with their calm presence, that nervous feeling was like I’m just fine, I’m going to work now and I have this safe space, a big thank you.

Advice to others

If you’re thinking if this is the right way to go, you’re already on your way. You have already started the preparation which is a beautiful realisation for you. For me this didn’t start as a spiritual journey. I didn’t know that I was going to go into this so deeply. It started with a little calling, getting other people’s views of this and trying understand what this entails. But now, looking back, I realised that I was simply part of the vibration and flow. It’s also important to understand that returning home after such an experience may not be so difficult, because a lot of what you realise by working with the medicine is that the tools are within you, and it’s actually beautiful that you can always bring that home.

“I feel my whole being wants to grow”


My name is Patrick, I’m coming from Südtirol, the German speaking part of Italy.

The reason why I was coming to Peru is to do an Ayahuasca retreat, I’m here for some months, and after a two weeks of acclimatization, because of the high altitude here, I felt ready to put myself into retreat. I got a tip from a friend before I started the trip, he was here a year or two ago at the Willkamayu Spirit Retreat Center, so I looked on the internet and began to communicate with Janneke through email and Facebook.

The same day I wrote my application I received an answer from Janneke, it felt immediately really heartful and friendly so the following days I came here for a visit, and stayed one or two days and around urubamba and everything was going really uncomplicated, so one week later I found myself here in the retreat centre doing the Ayahuasca and Wachuma.

I had three ayahuasca ceremonies with a shaman in four days, one day of pause between then I had a wachuma ceremony also with a shaman, that was in the day time, Ayahuasca was at night time. Then I had another four or five days of integration, so I could stay at the retreat centre I was really happy about it because I liked the energy, I liked the easiness and friendliness of the people and the whole enterprise. Well, it’s a small retreat centre, it’s basically by the last ten days I was more or less alone, there were a few people coming and going. There were the helpers of Janneke and Jhon, Wayne and Amy and I could connect really good with them and to myself. I did a lot of hikes, I was spending a lot of time in the nature, and enjoying the silence and enjoying going inwards, and I got amazing tools after the ceremonies, I did an inner-child workshop with Janneke, and now everytime when I wake up in the morning I feel different, I feel changed, I feel my whole being wants to grow, wants to progress, to let go of the past, to go deeper and find out what is my mission, what is my purpose to be here.

My Ayahuasca Experience

I felt that I was a new person, I was cleansed, I was changed after this experience

I wanted to connect to ayahuasca spirit during my travel in Peru and having extensively explored the Internet I chose to have ceremonies with the Willkamayu Spirit. I am very happy with my choice. Jhon and Janneke were extremely flexible and helpful, they were able to accommodate my request to have two ayahuasca ceremonies separated by several days as I needed a break because of other arrangements. The place itself was amazing, surrounded by mountains, with streams from glaciers and beautiful nature around. At each of two ceremonies there were only three participants and I felt safe and taken care of by Jhon who was a sitter helping us, alongside a shaman who was the master of ceremonies. After the ceremonies, we had long chats with the shamans, Jhon, and Janneke, who were giving us feedback and were helping to integrate our experiences. Of course, we had discussions before each ceremony too, so and I was able to get a clear understanding of the process and also was able to polish my intentions for the coming ceremony.

It is very difficult to describe realizations and visions I had at the ceremonies and they are very personal. All was unbelievably deep, ayahuasca was answering my questions and making me aware of what I can change in my life. My first ceremony was mostly about cleansing, there were many mystical visions, and I was meeting some beings who were teaching me many things, including a new attitude of acceptance of the world and myself. For the second ceremony, I had three questions or intentions and I was awed by the answers ayahuasca gave me, they were direct to the point but not what I could ever imagine or expect when I was in my normal consciousness. One of the most impressive things for me was that at my second ceremony ayahuasca told me about a gift that I have (again, a very simple thing but totally unexpected) and immediately the same night after the ceremony I had a chance to express this in real life and share it with others. As if this normal world changed in order for me to manifest my gift, and this was a very emotional and magical experience for me.

I am a medical doctor in the United Kingdom and one of my interests is to know more about psychedelic medicines. There are different ways to describe the influence of psychedelics like ayahuasca to our consciousness. In Peru, they believe that you meet a spirit teacher who is friendly to humans and who gives you new awareness, answers your questions and responds to your intentions. In Western world, there is lots of prejudice of course, but anyway the attitude changes and now researchers and doctors expensively investigate psychedelics. I have attended a lecture by Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, a British scientist whose research is showing fascinating data, for example that psychedelics allow you to get rid of pathological functional networks and pathways in your brain or, if to describe it in lay terms, they clean your brain from anything unnecessary that you have accumulated over years, and by doing this they can treat conditions like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. I can only agree with both descriptions, I felt that I was a new person, I was cleansed, I was changed after this experience, and I had communication with something bigger than me and this awareness gave me so much new information and further directions what to do in my life. I am deeply thankful to all in Willkamayu spirit for the ceremonies and for their care and attention I received during my days in the Sacred Valley.

Alex Papou MBBS PhD – UK, Edinburgh

It brings tears to my eyes when I feel the gratitude I have

After doing 65 ceremonies at many different places i can safely say that Willkamayu Spirit is a truly special place. The attention to each participant is nothing short of amazing both in ceremony and in talks before and after. The maestros have very long experience and it brings tears to my eyes when i feel the gratitude I have for them.
If you are ready to do serious work with yourself Willkamayu Spirit is the place for you. It wont be easy, but the reward can´t be explained in words. The happiness felt when you notice that suddenly a side of you that you have struggled with has simply left your being is magical.
Thank you so much Janneke, Jon, maestros, the community there and all the animals that live at the retreat.

Olle Sundin, Sweden

I felt completely cared for, heard, respected and understood

Willkamayu is a beautiful, inclusive place where I instantly felt at home. I went to meet Janneke and Chelsea not knowing if I was suited for a Wachuma or ayahuasca ceremony, and they had a very honest conversation with me about my mental health and expectations. Eventually I had a Wachuma ceremony and it was beautiful and so helpful. Janneke supported me throughout the entire process and we had a full day inner child workshop the next day again.

The beautiful spirits at this centre really care about helping other people on their spiritual journeys, and I felt completely cared for, heard, respected and understood. I recommend them 100%

Kate – Australia

They made me feel so comfortable, as if it were my own home

This was truly a magical place ran by compassionate and caring people that really want the best for their guests. They made me feel so comfortable, as if it were my own home, the ceremonies were always conducted in a manner that eased all nerves and worries. The setting of this place in such a special mountain landscape only added to the value and connection with nature and the medicines of the ceremony. I am so grateful for the time I got to experience and very thankful to all those at Willkamayu Spirit <3

David Kennedy, United States

Their gentleness and love helped us through the hardest of times

The most perfect ayahuasca experience we could have ever hoped for. Eternal love and gratitude for everyone involved in our experience. The retreat that Jhon and Janneke have set up is like something from a dream, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. Wayne and Amy who helped facilitate our journey are two absolute gorgeous diamonds who made our time there even more epic. Their gentleness and love helped us through the hardest of times. Our legendary Shaman Kamaski guided us through the most perfect ceremonies and our time at the retreat was the most beautiful, life changing experience that I would recommend to every human being on this planet. Anyone who wants to embark on this sacred medicinal journey please rest assured that this retreat will give you everything that you need. You will be in the most safe and holy place that will wrap you up in its arms and change your life for the better. Genuinely cannot recommend Wilkamayu Spirit enough and we absolutely cannot wait to return. From the core of my soul thank you all so so much I love you xxx

Sara Mazzanti, England

They are humble yet very knowledgeable and helpful

Jhon and Janneke are truly special people. The knowledge and insight into the questions of life that I was able to gain from the time I spent with them is something that I will never forget and am so grateful for. They provide a beautiful space and expert experience for working with Mother Ayahuasca and Grandfather Wachuma. They are humble yet very knowledgeable and helpful – the lessons I learned there are something that have already proven invaulable for my further work with master plants, and my spiritual journey in general. I really look forward to the day I will have the opportunity to return to the sacred valley and continue to walk the path alongside them, such beautiful souls that they are. Until then, we walk together in heart and and spirit and I send all love and gratitude for the chance to get to know you guys! Paz y mucho amor! Hasta pronto!

Ben, UK

I could feel the notes in the very fiber of my being

About one year ago a dear friend was telling me about an amazing plant medicine and at that time I knew nothing about Ayahuasca. What she was telling me was very intriguing but I didn’t pursue anything further at that point. Fast forward to April of this year and I decided to join friends on their trip to Peru. They told me they were going to a spiritual retreat to Ayahuasca! There it was again, calling my name! I admit I had some trepidation before we arrived, but all those fear feelings melted away when Amy and Paola arrived at our hotel to guide us through the inner child workshop. Two of the kindest souls I’ve ever met.

When we finally arrived at Willkamayu I soon learned that all people connected with this wonderful place are so very kind and loving. Every step of the journey I felt loved, accepted and cared for. My experience with Ayahuasca was actually very gentle and peaceful. At times during the ceremonies I felt almost like I was floating in the womb. During the course of the evening our shaman would sing or play the flute and it was pure bliss. I could feel the notes in the very fiber of my being.

I would tell anyone who is interested in experiencing Ayahuasca in Peru that Willkamayu Spirit is most definitely a secure, loving and welcoming place to do it. All the people that we encountered are the real deal, and that includes the river dog, Ukumayu! Everyone there is committed to helping others and it feels good to be in their presence. I’m looking forward to a return visit because we didn’t have time to do the three ceremonies. We were only able to do two and I really feel like the third one is very important so it gives me an excuse to go back to this wonderful place. For me, I can easily say it was the most profound experience and I am still having Ayahuasca dreams a month later.

Cindy, United States

The Perfect Getaway to Reconnect with Yourself

I am actually missing words to describe this wonderful place on earth. After having spent ten days at Casa del Viento de Inspiration with Jhon and Janneke I have to say that both of them inspired me and my time there was eye opening. I learned a lot from them, a couple which is working with all their love and passion about what they are doing. Honest, open minded people who love to share what they are doing. Their activities are professional, well organized and you just feel 100% comfortable and almost home. Always finding time to listen to you and talk about thoughts, they are such happy and lovely people…If you look for a quiet place in incredibly beautiful nature accompanied by the cutest dog and kitten ever, visit them! The perfect getaway to reconnect with yourself, to mediate and to experience the spirits of Wachuma and Ayahuasca! Much much love, big hugs and kisses and all the very best for you! Will never forget my time with you and thank you for everything!


Pure Light, Pure Light

These amazing to persons, they just love, connect, and help every one who is looking for work on themselves. They offer a very special contact with Nature, at its best, and unforgettable memories, healthy feelings of being yourself at once <3. You are wonderful Janneke and Jhon!


Change since is felt spiritually and clearly visible physically

Its difficult to express in words the way i see world since my 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies and inner child workshop at Wilkamayu Spirit . Change since is felt spiritually and clearly visible physically. I felt Ayahuasca calling for a while and kept on a look out for a perfect place to have my first ever experience and for months nothing felt right . None of the places had right environment . As a single female traveller of course it was the most important thing to feel safe in the environment i will be partaking ceremonies as they can very much challenging. I found Wilkamayu mentioned in a random comment online and it sparked my curiosity . After contact and a call i was sure that ii am on the right path. Upon arrival , simple welcome and calming presence of everyone around me (including a cat and a dog ) i felt right at home . Group for ceremonies was small (Only 5 of us ) and shamans, Jhon ,Janneke and volunteers were simply kind and full of love. I am truly grateful for the insights i gained during my stay and i cant not imagine having such an incredibly personal experience anywhere else. Thank you for all the support during ceremonies and after !

Kay, Papua New Guinea

The single most positive, life-changing event of my entire life.

From the bottom of my heart visiting Jhon and Jenneke was the best decision of my entire life. I had been in therapy off and on since I was a child and was mostly treading water, stuck, and having a difficult time in my day to day affairs. After a single ceremony with San Pedro’s followed by a single ceremony with Ayahusca my heart is totally open. I am most grateful to these people for facilitating this transmutation inside their home, and under their care. I am being totally honest when I say that this was the single most positive, life-changing event of my entire life. Since the ceremonies I have been more lucid than ever before. I now see what I truly want, what I truly need, and what I myself truly find important. I don’t blame myself for things that aren’t my fault, and see clearly things that I can change for a better life. There aren’t many words in the English language that adequately describe what these people did for me, but I am most grateful. If I had one word to describe the experience it would be “profound”. These people are literal angels. The maestro was incredible. There is healing to be found with them, beyond what you can imagine.



Whtasapp Jhon: +51984117755

Whatsapp Janneke: +51972665922

Sacred Valley Peru​

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Amazing people with special energy. Janneke & Jon are two special dedicated souls Working with their heart to Heal your internal world with kindness.


Most amazing place. So warm, powerful, full of love. Inspiring in many ways <3 In the beautiful town Urubamba, with the intense mountains just behind the house. And the river, the trees.. If you go to Peru, go to Willkamayu Spirit. You will not regret.. Thank you Janneke and Jhon for all the love!


I had a strong, shaking and eye opening ceremony with san pedro which I am grateful for Janneka and John who had made it a positive and life changing experience . Miss you guys and hopefully see you soon! Love and Hugs.

MargaritaUnited States