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Jhon & Janneke

Jhon and Janneke are a husband and wife team, dedicating their lives to creating a sustainable project at Willkamayu Spirit, where they support and guide people on their personal healing journeys. Their desire is to share their love for each other through the creation of a project that can connect people with their inner nature, as well as feeding back into the local nature in a sustainable way.

The idea of community is one that we continue to aim towards. Our intention is to grow as a community of like-minded people and we look to incorporate the services of those around us where we can feel their dedication and motivation is aligned with our own principles.

They met while working at a healing centre in Peru. The connection was immediate, and it was clear that their respective energies would merge to create something beautiful in both love and work. Their mission is to walk together on this path and to grow as a couple, as a family, as individuals and ultimately as a community.

Jhon and Janneke share a love for nature, Mother Earth, Pachamama, the Mountains and the Andean traditions. They have a passion for and are dedicated to personal development, creating a unique, intimate environment to facilitate work with the Master Plants.


Jhon comes from a lineage of Andean heritage, the community of San Pedro de Kacha. The mountainous regions around Cusco and the Sacred Valley are his homeland and his connection to its geography and community is strong within his heart. This interwoven community raised the ancestral traditions that have resonated with Jhon since his childhood, and became more profound when he identified parallels within the Taoist traditions which evolved his understanding of the natural systems that connect us above, below and throughout the universe. With these principles, Jhon experienced a rebirth of interconnected realisation and continues to encourage the roots of ancestral wisdom to ground him in the beautiful web of life.

A calling to Ayahuasca and the first connection into process confirmed his inner narrative. And through deep conversation with Mother Ayahuasca he has outwardly portrayed the need to share his confirmed wisdoms, and help others to share the beautiful connections that bind us to spirit. Jhon began learning about ceremony preparation and integration during service at an Integrative Medical Healing Clinic and he fostered the intention to support others through these profound experiences. Combining the traditional values of his childhood, respect of the Andean and Amazon lores and his continued commitment to learn and evolve, Jhon receives and readies guests into their transformative process with the master plants and is honoured to support his brothers and sisters into the beautiful realms that await those who receive the calling.

Jhon has experience in

  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation
  • Nature treks
  • Ancient Andean tradition
  • Playing Sikuri music
  • Facilitating and guiding ceremonies with Master Plants, Ayahuasca and Wachuma
  • Pachamama ceremonies

Janneke KillAnka

Janneke grew up within the humanistic values of the Netherlands. At a young age her emotional world was already rich and intense. Because of this, she started her own healing journey and became interested in spirituality at the age of 21 and she later pursued a vocation in supporting others through social work. This work brought her into contact with social challenges and she became a support for the homeless, addicts and sex workers; a privilege which she used to connect with and understand the deeper facets of human nature and the challenges that can be experienced. Being highly sensitive and intuitive, with emotionally demanding work, Janneke was directed deeper into her own healing journey again when she was 28 years old.

Through introspective processes Janneke found herself in Peru, embraced in the loving arms of Mother Ayahuasca and was directed deeper into her process of healing and growing, the potential of master plants and the importance of connecting to nature, its spirits and traditional wisdoms.

It was this intuitive connection and the calling of Mother Ayahuasca that guided Janneke back to Peru and a closer encounter with the healing of Ayahuasca in an established retreat centre where she learnt again to manage human vulnerability and how to maintain stability alongside the sensitivity required for intuitive growth. Healing and spiritual strength became the cornerstones for her commitment in helping others and Willkamayu Spirit owes its core values to the courage and determination that continues to evolve daily in the project space that Janneke brings intuitively into existence.

Now that she is a mother, Janneke is with the project in a therapeutic sense, sharing Inner Child work, intuitive coaching, Reiki, preparation and integration. Janneke is forever grateful to the people and spirits who have supported and guided her along this beautiful path.

Janneke has experience in

  • Coaching, integration & preparation
  • Meditation, ceremonies & rituals in nature
  • She is a Reiki Master
  • Certified Inner Child workshop facilitator
  • Munay Ki Rites & 13th Rite of the Womb
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Energetic Healing
  • Facilitation in ceremonies with Master Plants Ayahuasca and Wachuma
  • Pachamama ceremonies

Paola Pancorbo

Paola trained as a General Practitioner (Western Doctor), graduating from university in 2012, and later trained in several areas of Alternative Medicine to achieve a supportive community practice in Urubamba, Cusco.

During 2016, she had the opportunity to grow deeper in understanding the entheogenic processes of people taking part in ceremonies with Master Plants such as Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Tobacco, Coca, etc., from which she gained an incredible universal respect and admiration. She has experience in screening participants and providing guidelines to support their connection to such medicines.
Currently she dedicates herself to accompanying each individual on their journey in their potential to heal, with respect to the natural process. She has the joy of providing workshops in Inner Child Therapy, Reiki, Biomagnetism and other treatments through intimate connection with Nature and Medicinal Plants. Human beings are ecologically entwined in this great family of Pachamama and the Universe. Each has within themselves the light to ignite and change what they choose; with humility and honesty, Paola dares to say that the fuel, the key, the answer, is in finding Love on a deeply personal level.

Paola has experience in

  • Medical consultations
  • Inner Child workshops
  • Reiki sessions
  • Biomagnetism sessions
  • Contact with the 4 Elements and Nature
  • Wachuma ceremonies
  • Wild midwifery

Soucin Yip-Sou

Soucin has been with Willkamayu Spirit since November 2022, and this is where she first learned about her beautiful, deep connection with the plant medicines Ayahuasca and Wachuma (San Pedro). Her work with Willkamayu Spirit involves planning and organising the retreats, maintaining the website, getting involved with the social media, and encouraging the growth of the retreats. She is currently travelling through South America, but when she is in the Sacred Valley, she also accompanies participants during their ceremonies, working alongside the maestros. It was during one of these ceremonies that she received the Códigos, which have become an important part of her life’s work. The 4 Códigos (4 Codes) are a healing, a cleansing, with 4 steps to help women heal deeply from sexual trauma and violence ( As well, Soucin is setting up an NGO, Pachamama Revive (@pachamamarevive, to help take care of this beautiful planet we call home.


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