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Our Sacred Valley Healing Retreat Spaces

Growing in Community Values

Willkamayu Spirit comes from Quechua roots, “Willkamayu” meaning Sacred river. During this stage of our cycle we feel a calling towards the Sacred Water Spirit flowing here in the Sacred Inka valley and a profound feeling to work with her… The Willkamayu river connects the Sacred Valley with the Amazonian jungle. For us it represent the communion between the ancient Andean and Amazonian traditions. She brings their powerful Teacher Plants together.

The Sacred Water Spirit is cleansing, healing, connecting and purifying. The river is so powerful, she can transfer energy, she can move stones and rocks and flows into every grid. She reminds us of how the Teacherplants are connecting with us. The Sacred Water Spirit dances in our inner and outer landscapes, she gives life, she reminds and is a mirror for us. She brings us together and shares…

Our intentions with our Healing Ceremony Spaces in the Sacred Valley

  • To be close to and take care of nature: We are trying to create a sustainable environment
  • To share different types of ceremonies that connect us with ourselves, those around us and to divine Mother Nature
  • To share Sacred ceremonies with Master plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro/Wachuma ​
  • For our activities we work with the principle of Ayni. Ayni is about giving and receiving in balance; between people, between people and nature and people and the Cosmos. Relationships are the fundamental component in this principle. We would love to find a way to integrate this beautifully honest and humble way of interchange. We are asking a fixed gift for our activities to cover our costs and to build a sustainable project and community, but we are open to integrate a sliding scale
  • To give social support and to share with the Maestros who we work with and their community and with sustainable green projects
  • To support the sustainability of the Teacher Plants: the Ayahuasca vine, Chacruna and the San Pedro/Wachuma cactus

Our Accommodations

We are working alongside local retreat centers who align to our values and standards of providing safe spaces and care from the hearts in a family home environment. These centers are self-contained with nice and simple guest accommodation being close to nature with garden and good catering services to provide healthy local produce and any to respond to any additional needs from our guests. We are located around Urubamba, a main market town of the Sacred Valley.

Willkamayu Spirit collaborates with different retreat houses, where we host our intimate, personalised retreats. El Paraiso is located in Yanahuara, near Urubamba, about an hour and a half away from Cusco. The house has its own hummingbird garden, is surrounded by nature with a river flowing nearby, and it is at the feet of a protected nature reserve, Mantanay. The retreat space is owned by the Puma family, and they have created the space themselves. You can feel the love and the beautiful energies that they put into creating it. The energies are very fresh and pure there.


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