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Kundalini & The Inner Child

By March 3, 2020August 3rd, 2021No Comments

According to the Tibetan goddess of compassion and healing Tārā, our divine essence or innermost being has two co-interacting elements, the sea of love―a space like peace―and the blissful life force of our energetic being which creates all inner and outer experience and phenomena. In its virgin state, this life force can be felt as rings of undulating spirals of energy meandering through space in endless ecstasy, pure bliss. But also this life force is connected to our driving motivation and willpower which manifests and realises our behaviours through thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

The more of this life force we attain, the more we can manifest, and the Kundalini activation process is an upgrade or reconfiguration of this vital life-source. Through awareness we aim our focus, our intention of mind and we can enter a relationship with our bodily energy systems to seek and honour stability and harmony, often referred to in spiritual circles as grounding. Once grounded, once we are on good terms with our energy, we allow a platform for this life-force to develop and rise

In the Inner Child work we reconnect with the purest essence of ourselves, our innocent divine original nature and we begin to establish a connection to who we are at our root level. The work then allows a tangible trust relationship with this pure nature and we can establish a communication with our deepest selves. This relationship―if nurtured―can activate the grounds in which the energy activation requires in order to integrate harmoniously with our being. It is thus, within this harmony that we become aware of the energetic relationship with our body and behaviour―when we observe or focus our attention we move into a new field of perspective and this gives our subconscious additional information to move into integration and resolution towards an inner harmony.

Two weeks before my Kundalini activation my Inner Child showed me an exotic aviary in the style of a Victorian botanical greenhouse, ornate on the outside and densely warm on the inside. At the time I had no preconception about what I was to be shown. The greenery of a well kept tropical cultivation house was no surprise but there was some activity to the far end which felt energetically alive and in motion. I thought at first that I was going to meet with a bird ally or another creature and as there were perches hanging from a high endless ceiling. At this point I became the bird-like creature and I was shown an iridescent, holographic nature of something wrapped in feathers and a blinking eye hidden behind rays of peculiar light, my talons wrapped around the perch. All was multidimensional and evoked a feeling of flight and transformation but with an utter stillness. An instantaneous situation of being everywhere at the same time induced a sense of vertigo and I realised a wormhole in our reality that transcended spatial dimension. I recognised that the consciousness I perceived with my eyes closed as a universal background state of the universe, that my consciousness doesn’t follow me around in my head, but instead is universally accessible. From these shifts I lost energetic desires and relaxed more into the aforementioned sea-of-love, peaceful nothingness, which I believe was a precursor for the painful activation that was to come.

What I have established since this shift, is that energetic relationships need to be brought into our awareness. That we will have to review the bonds of our external relationships, harmonise or clear those which tether us to our physical being and release ourselves in order to realise the transcendent movement or multidimensionality within spirit.

Through connection with the essence of the Inner Child I was able to feel where energetic contracts had been in place and to review how these served the way forward for my spiritual development, or in some cases which locked me into spell-like emotional and energetic obligation. With the energetic activity released in 2019, I felt the ground move and shake into what some are calling the year of action and with determination I have weeded out those contracts that were holding me to the earth and my physicality. Kundalini increases our sense perception and amplifies our emotions, it literally turns us towards spirituality. These heightened perceptions can raise within us a resurgence of old emotional wounds and traumas and this is where the Inner Child work provides a necessary grounding support.

All introspective spiritual practice guides us gently along our path and working closely with sacred plant medicines the archetypes and symbols or motifs become more pronounced and take on lifelike forms of meaning. It is a daily practice of Inner Child therapy that has knitted the heightened experiences of the sacred medicine work through integration into a tangible narrative and provided a platform for transcendent spiritual experience.

Our greatest understanding of Kundalini comes from the Śaiva Tantra tradition in Hinduism where it is symbolic of the divine feminine, but such like the limited word Shaman (coming from the indigenous peoples in Siberia), this phenomenon is seen throughout the ancient world traditions. Neikung is the bone marrow chi in Taoist practices, the Middle Pillar Exercise in Kabbalah, tummo or ‘fierce woman’ in Tibetan scripts and the holy spirit of Christian mystics who report energy manifestations of heat and shaking.

Like my previous self, I can imagine that others can ignore these remarks until the symptoms of energy activation raise themselves enough for one to recognise, and further others may be provoking this energy without a deep understanding of the universality of energy. The peace state or sea-of-love can to some appear lackluster or even boring in comparison to the familiar non-harmonious states of energy, often wobbling in the fizz of un-integrated energy vibration or free-floating anxiety. What the Inner Child work allows is a self-responsibility of stability towards the platform required for activation. We have within us an inner authority to give us all we need towards higher integration, what we have here is a gateway into this relationship to get the ball rolling and as the great American herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner states: I suggest these exercises [Inner Child] because they actually work; And I have seen that they do over decades of observing hundreds of people use them.

Developing Inner Child work alongside the dedicated practices of sacred plant medicine gives a realisation to the personal work we can continue in our day-to-day lives. The way up the mountain may be different for each individual, but the summit is the same for us all. It is not always clear which direction we are headed and we will challenge ourselves along the way. Without serious integration work we create pitfalls―which although teach us lessons that we may need―could be softened over for a smoother transition towards wholeness.

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