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A diet with Mother Rose

By August 11, 2020February 2nd, 2024One Comment

What a blessing to connect with Mother Rose through a 15 day diet…

Both deep and profound, the process of turning inwards, connecting with the Spirit of this beautiful flower…

She is so powerful, so ancient… I call her the mother of all flowers!

Hearing the Call

It had already been a while that Mother Rose was calling me to diet with her… And now with this quarantine, having Maestro Everardo land in the retreat house, unable to return to his home in Pucallpa, having lots of time and space to go deeper into our own personal work we felt this was perfect timing to go into diet, Maestro, Jhon and I.

I talked with Maestro about the wild rose which is growing up here in the mountains close to where we live, in one of my favourite places; a wonderful protected area called Mantanay… So we went on a beautiful hike and I showed him where lots of pink wild roses are growing, very fertile ground and beautiful ancient trees… Maestro felt a connection to the ancient tree and decided to diet the tree…Jhon felt the calling to diet Abuelo Wachuma….

Feeling inspired, we started to prepare for our diet. A diet is an ancient initiation practice where a person goes into silence for a certain amount of time to connect deeply with the spirit of a plant or element. During the diet there is no contact with other people and there are strong food restrictions.

As part of the preparation we went up to harvest some wild rose, whilst doing so, leaving offerings of gratitude. Later, Maestro cooked the rose medicine which became a red, pinkish brew.

Going into diet

We opened the diet through a ceremony with Grandmother Ayahuasca…

And the following days I was mostly in silence and drinking every evening the magical brew of Mother Rose… I performed every evening as a ritual; with songs and tobacco, sharing my intention and then I would drink the medicine and go to bed… Mother Rose came in my dreams so every evening I was excited to go to sleep to go deeply into connection with my subconscious and meet with Mother Rose.

I woke up every night a couple of times to write down my dreams… the dreams were intense and vivid…  and the days after I sat with my dreams and feelings… a lot came up… she was really present with me during the days and nights…

What came up for me was profound connection and healing, it was confrontational…deep rooted memories came to the surface to be looked at again, sometimes she came with a soft hand and sometimes with a hard hand. Healing deep wounds and fears stored in my energy field. The fears were stored around my solar plexus and belly, the first week I had lots of physical pain there. It was a lot about love, trust and confidence. She was also very empowering; she showed me my strength and gifts as well, and lessons of where I needed to put more boundaries. The feminine energies were super present; receiving, sexuality, fertility and creation… I felt she was connecting me to my sacral chakra (my womb), solar plexus, heart and throat chakra. She was aligning these energy centres.

I could also really feel the energies of the sacred place where she grows… the energy of the mountains; pure, strong and protective… These energies also came in my dream, the energies of the land where she grows… that was also very special for me as I live here, I could go deeper into connection with the land we live on…

Mother Rose’s teachings

Mother Rose was very generous; she gifted me a song, a song of the rose… she told me to sing that song for connection and healing, she showed me as well how to connect with her through a rose visualisation… for recharging and protection… Later on in the integration process she showed me in one of my dreams to share these visualizations with the people who are coming to visit us and those I work with online… so feel free to connect with me if you want to know more about this visualization.

We closed the diet through a ceremony with Grandmother Ayahuasca. What a difference between the opening and closing ceremony with Ayahuasca… the opening ceremony was all about healing and confronting fears and the closing ceremony was showing me love, light and integration… I could really feel a shift and closure of the process as a whole.

I continue to connect every day with rose and I feel her presence very strong; she is a powerful ally.

With gratitude

I am very grateful for this connection with her and I feel excited to share her teachings.
Thank you Mother Rose for this profound, wonderful connection with you, your healing and your guidance…
Thank you Grandmother Ayahuasca for your support, union, healing, and guidance. For being here with us.
Thank you to the land of Yanahuara, Mantanay, Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru…for your connection, nurturing and protection, for letting me feel at home.
Thank you Maestro Everardo for your beautiful and profound guidance.
Thank you Jhon for your presence and support.

With love,

One Comment

  • Avatar Mariette says:

    Wauw Janneke, so beautiful to hear about your journey with Mother Rose. It touches me to read your words describing a process that is so grand. The energy of the Rose and the mountains and the land you live on are tangible. Since you shared the song and visualisation with me I can feel her presence in my field. So profound, strong & gentle as a caressing mother. Thank you for your work, your presence and your teachings! Much Love <3

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