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Which guide lines are important with the use of Ayahuasca?

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Background story

Following the legal changes on the use of Ayahuasca in the Netherlands, an independent journalist contacted Willkamayu Spirit to ask for information into our practices. Requesting a visit to ask some general questions about the use of sacred medicine (especially Ayahuasca) in Peru, attitudes to this work on an international perspective and some details into our personal practices and opinions.

As we could never be certain about the final composition or placement for our contribution, we decided to ask the guidance of our maestro Juan Carlos, who in turn directed our question to the sacred medicine and called on the advice of mother Ayahuasca. Juan Carlos received affirmation, advised that we should invite those who come with questions, and to respond in the same manner that the medicine shows us… An open acceptance, a lack of judgement and pure intention.

Ayahuasca and its utilisation

Question 5: Which guide lines are important with the use of Ayahuasca?

Ayawaska is a very serious medicine, it’s very important that the person who wants to connect with the medicine deeply feels the calling inside, and is having a clear intention why they want to connect. You are going into the unknown and a ceremony can be very confronting so it’s important to feel ready for that. It has to be your own will in order to really know that we are connecting truthfully. To go into a retreat with love, respect, acceptance and humility is very important.

At our retreat space we value a safe and intimate approach during a retreat, that’s why we are choosing to have small groups of no more than 5 persons. We consider that the preparation and the integration are key parts in the whole process, they are connecting with each other through circular time.

By the time participants arrive at our centre, they have already spoken with us during diagnostic phone-calls, discussing intention and practical preparations, such as preparatory diet, and had medical reviews with our local general practitioner, resolving any health concerns. Our aim is to create and manage a space which is safe, authentic, honest and accepting, giving participants a light and caring environment. We provide practical and emotional guidance and explain to our participants that facilitators are there for their comfort and safety. Our facilitators provide direct dialogue with the maestros, and satisfy the questions of our participants whilst also giving necessary practical advice and emotional guidance, they embody  the function of being like a bridge of communication between the medicine and the receiver in order for guidance to be practical for proper integration into their daily lives. Our participants will be served breakfast before an interpretation is shared with the maestro to support the integration of the experience and to discuss the next steps for working with the medicine and integration for when they are continuing their journey after their retreat with us. Also after their retreats we are offering integration work, for example in the form of an Inner Child course, as many of our problems come from our childhood.

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