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In what way do you think the use of Ayahuasca in Peru is different than its use in Holland?

By April 24, 2020June 16th, 2020No Comments
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Background story

Following the legal changes on the use of Ayahuasca in the Netherlands, an independent journalist contacted Willkamayu Spirit to ask for information into our practices. Requesting a visit to ask some general questions about the use of sacred medicine (especially Ayahuasca) in Peru, attitudes to this work on an international perspective and some details into our personal practices and opinions.

As we could never be certain about the final composition or placement for our contribution, we decided to ask the guidance of our maestro Juan Carlos, who in turn directed our question to the sacred medicine and called on the advice of mother Ayahuasca. Juan Carlos received affirmation, advised that we should invite those who come with questions, and to respond in the same manner that the medicine shows us… An open acceptance, a lack of judgement and pure intention.

Ayahuasca and its utilisation

Question 4: In what way do you think the use of Ayahuasca in Peru is different than its use in Holland?

Energies flow where they need to flow, just like the sun rises where it rises and sets where it sets without ever changing, because this is the energetic system. Like water always flowing with the stream everything flows exactly and divinely as it is meant to be. This is how energy flows according to the Abuelos and due to this we cannot judge as this is the doing of sacred energies, not ourselves. According to the Abuelos we are all the same sacred energies in different experiences and circumstances. In one sense there are no barriers in spiritual energies, all is part of the One Sacred Divine energy. We can have our different languages and different cultures, but we all live on this earth. When we speak of brothers and sisters this includes everyone and we are to live in harmony with the energy of sharing.To be honest, we cannot judge because we didn’t participate in a ceremony in the Netherlands, however, we would love to share some of our perspectives.

The main difference is the connection with the tradition; to connect with the Medicine where she is coming from, where she is growing, where indigenous cultures grow up with the medicine, where she is part integrated within the cultures of a country.

The connection with the energy of the land and Mother nature is very important in a retreat, it gives a very different energy to the ceremony and the preparation and integration… and like we said the preparation and integration is very important in a retreat.
The guidance of an experienced Maestro is very important, who is trained to share the medicine, who knows the tradition of Ayawaska, and who is skilled to guide and manage energy in the ceremony. Last but not least what we want to share is that it’s very important to have pure Ayahuasca, which means a brew of only the vine Ayahuasca and the leaf Chakruna.

A personal message from Janneke

As a Dutch facilitator, it is touching for me that in the Netherlands (my motherland), such a profound medicine is stigmatised as a drug and sometimes being offered completely out of her context.

My background is as a social worker, and I see what medicine is doing to the people who are coming to us from all over the world. We receive people from different ages and backgrounds, from 21 up to 70 years and from business people, to doctors and yoga instructors. They receive profound healing; physical and emotional, guidance, purpose in their life, healing from addictions, they remember the connection to Mother Earth, to what is really important in life, they go beyond materialism, to live consciously. I am not saying that all these things come easily, there is deep confrontation needed and there is no quick fix and we need to continue doing the work, however, to listen to their stories, insights and healing occurring during and after their retreats, that brings so much gratitude to this beautiful medicine.

If I share from my own experience, I have experienced episodes of depression and burn-out, followed different therapies in my life, used drugs in recreational ways, even 7 years of anti-depression pills, and the connection with Ayahuasca in combination with my own personal work changed my life. I feel connected and grounded more than ever, I am living with what is important for me and I am walking my path, I am learning so much through living here and working with the medicine so I am so grateful to be able to share with my brothers and sisters on this globe who helped me so profoundly, to be like a bridge. I share from my own experience, with my heart. It’s not an easy journey, however it’s completely worth it!

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