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Willkamayu Spirit

Evolving to Willkamayu Spirit

By April 12, 2017November 18th, 2018No Comments

Beautiful Brothers and Sisters,

We are evolving our name to Willkamayu Spirit!
After a beautiful communion with ‘Casa del Viento’ (Wind Spirit) we are moving forward to work with the Sacred Water Spirit, ‘Willkamayu Spirit’.
Willkamayu Spirit comes from Quechua roots, “Willkamayu” meaning sacred river. During this stage of our cycle we feel a calling towards the Sacred Water Spirit flowing here in the Sacred Inka valley and a profound feeling to work with her…
The Willkamayu river connects the Sacred Valley with the Amazonian jungle. For us it represent the communion between the ancient Andean and Amazonian traditions. She brings their powerful Teacherplants together.
The Sacred Water Spirit is cleansing, healing, connecting and purifying. The river is so powerful, she can transfer energy, she can move stones and rocks and flows into every grid. She reminds us of how the Teacherplants are connecting with us.

The Sacred Water Spirit dances in our inner and outer landscapes, she gives life, she reminds and is a mirror for us. She brings us together and she shares…

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