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Spiritual Connections

Mother Moon, Madre Luna, Mama Killa

By July 23, 2017April 29th, 20203 Comments
Willkamayu Spirit Moon Effect

Thank you for the communion Mother Moon…

Thank you for cleansing us,
Thank you for teaching us,
Thank you for reflecting us,
Thank you for guiding us,
I feel you and you feel me, So let’s flow together, You and me… me and you… we.


I would love to share with you about the connection which I feel with Mother Moon… Especially in the last 3 years I have given this connection more and more attention and I am really surprised what it gives to me… To be honest I think this connection played a big role in where I am now… I feel myself more connected and in tune with myself, with the cycles inside and outside myself. It connects with me on an emotional, spiritual and energetically level… It gives me awareness, trust, peace, direction and growth… It is an important tool for me to connect with my inner process and also to integrate the messages of the teacher plants. Also with the darker shadow parts which we cannot ignore. It’s part of the flow of life, it has something to teach us, so we can learn and grow.
Since I’ve lived here in Peru, more in Nature, I’ve found that the connection is even more intense. In the beginning it was sometimes difficult and she made me very sensitive on emotional and physical levels. Now I am trying to plan my activities with the energy cycle of the moon and it helps me more to calm down and to flow more…
If you look to our ancestors, they were very aware of the influence from Mother Moon on Mother Earth…They lived with her cycle, they integrated her energy in their activities, especially regarding to farming and to the menstruation cycle of woman. The Moons name every month is referring to the cycle of nature, to farming, what the ancestors felt that time of the year was central in their surrounding nature. Regarding to the Woman’s “moon” days in that time they withdrawal themselves… they spend time alone to really connect to their feminine energy, it was a time for them to take rest and to receive and not “to do”.
The gravity of the moon is influencing the water on earth. We are made up of more than 70 % of water, so it’s normal that she has a influence on us too. By new and full moon the sun, earth and moon are on one line, her influence is, because of that also more powerful on us. That’s why it is helpful and powerful to connect with the moon on those days. We can connect with her through our intentions and rituals.
Through a ritual we can connect with the energy of the moon, we can show her our gratitude, give attention to our inner process to reflect and to release and to set intentions towards how we would love to grow. To be a better person for ourselves, others and nature. Through these rituals we can choose and take the responsibility for ourselves. This process can take one cycle of the moon but also more, sometimes your internal process will be stronger and more heavy, because we have to confront things which we have pushed down, far away. But through observing the moon’s cycle we can relate to our inner process; we give attention to or we start something, it grows, it’s in full potential, demolition and rebirth. This cycle is in all parts in our lives, changing, evolving, dying and being reborn… the circular time.
The moon has the following phases; The symbolic example (next to the phases) for planting seeds shows the beautiful connection between the cycle of the moon, nature and us.
  • New moon seed planted in earth & is sleeping
  • Waxing crescent germination
  • First quarter plant is growing and the buds preparing bloom
  • Full moon seed full in bloom
  • Last quarter seed planted fully, all harvest have been reaped
  • Waning crescent dry seed or fruit falls on the earth
How to integrate this symbolic information in our personal process through setting an intention, we can see here below:
  • New Moon: new beginning and letting go intentions. reflection, personal growth, silence. Energy in nature & ourselves is inside.
  • Waxing crescent: growth, fine tuning intentions, attention plans & ideas, commitment. In nature & ourselves energy is growing.
  • Full moon: fertility, transformation, high energy, sensitivity, dreams, intuition, celebrating and gratitude. Energy in nature & ourselves is outside.
  • Waning crescent: self-reflection, receiving, resting, ridding of things, evaluation, completion. Energy in nature and ourselves is going inside.
When and How we can perform a ritual with setting intentions? The best time to planting seeds, to set intentions is with new moon, with full moon it is a beautiful time to celebrate, showing gratitude , to share, to give an extra energy boost to your intentions. It is a time where rituals and ceremonies are stronger. If you feel that something is difficult or is blocking you from flowing in your process it is also good to give that extra attention with the full moon, to release, to let go. The most important part of a ritual is the intention from out of your heart with gratitude. There are different ways to perform a ritual, it is beautiful to follow your own intuition in this, because it is your connection with Mother Moon. I will share some examples how I perform my rituals for some inspiration…
On the new moon I make a little altar outside in the evening. On my altar I have some crystals, coca leafs, my drum and flowers. I start the ritual with a meditation and I show her my gratitude, I connect with the energy of the moon through drumming. Then I write on 2 papers, things which I would love to let go and things what I love to give attention, intention. I write things down which I deeply feel inside, and which have benefits for myself, others and nature. Then I say them out loud and one of the papers I burn, the ashes I give to the earth. The other paper I hold with me, and put it on my altar inside. Throughout the month it is very helpful to look and to connect with your intentions. Amazing to keep the papers with your intentions to look back to them later so you see your process and growth.
With Full moon I sit outside in the evening in a place where I can see her and can connect with her. Sometimes in our garden, sometimes I go to a special place in the forest. I meditate, sometimes I sing or I drum. I thank her for the communion and share with her the process which I feel according to my new moon intentions. With full moon I also put my alter with crystals outside so they can recharge themselves with the energy of the full moon. When I feel something is blocking me in my process, I sit on a rock and connect with the rock and Mother earth, I ask them to help me to release. For that I take some time. You can also do it with a little stone in your hand, and when you feel you have released, you put the stone in the earth and ask Mother Earth to take care of it. Also I find it very helpful to connect with water, you can put a bowl with water for a night in the full moon light, the next morning you put the water on your body and ask the water to help you to release what is not longer serving you.
These rituals are beautiful to do alone and also amazing and very powerful to share together!
Thank you for your interests, I am curious to your experiences and I am open to share.
With love and gratitude, Janneke
This article is inspired by the book In het licht van de Maan by Petra Stam & sharings with beautiful people from around the world.