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Giving Back, Planting Ayahuasca

By July 16, 2019June 16th, 2020No Comments

We feel profoundly blessed that we could plant Ayahuasca together with our Maestros. It’s such a big gift to give back, to share in Ayni, in reciprocity. To support Ayahuasca in her sustainability, to grow together, to grow in community (communication in union) in different levels. Planting seeds in the internal and external landscapes for connection, healing and growing! And in remembering… to be aware and be present with every part, ever step of the journey.

To bring you a little bit with us too in the process, we will explain here a little bit more…

We have planted more than 100 little Ayahuasca plants in the higher jungle of Santa Maria, close to the famous city of the Inca, Machu Picchu. The beautiful Ayahuasca plants are growing on the land of our Maestro Juan Carlos and his family where they can be cared for and looked over. Together we made a beautiful communion in collaboration; Maestro Juan Carlos offered his land and Willkamayu Spirit invested in buying the Ayahausca seeds. Maestro Juan Carlos’ father sent us the seeds from Pucallpa, the maestro’s wife and child planted the seeds in little bags to grow strong. And we, Jhon, Janneke, Jhons brother Jim, Maestro Juan Carlos and his wife and Maestro Kamaski planted the little Ayahuasca into the kind and nurturing soil of Mother Earth.

A humble thank you to all

Thank you Mother Ayahuacsa, Thank you Pachamama, Thank you Mother Earth! Gracias a los Abuelos sagrados, Thank you a los Apus (mountain spirits), Thank you to the turbulent Willkamayu river. Thank you to the land of Santa Maria. A great thank you to Maestro Kamaski, thank you Jim and thanks Maestro Juan Carlos for the beautiful communion together and sharing the Land, thank you, thank you, thank you! If you feel the calling to give back as well to Mother Ayahuasca, please feel free to join us and to let us know!

We are open to listen to your ideas, to look to the possibilities together. For example… to help to take care of the Ayahusca plants on the land of Santa Maria.
With love,

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